My book review of 'A Garden Well Placed' by Xa Tollemache

by Xa Tollemache
A Garden Well Placed
by Xa Tollemache

Xa Tollemache describes this book as 'a love story' for Helmingham Hall, the glorious moated Tudor property in Suffolk, and the gardens that surround it. It's about her personal journey from knowing 'zilch' about gardening, to winning Chelsea Gold and becoming a highly sought-after garden designer. And there's more... 

There’s a calendar of jobs throughout the year at Helmingham, as well as a few family recipes for the produce harvested from the Walled Garden.

We’re introduced to the head gardener, and the new Tollemache home at Framsden Hall. And there are 11 examples of other stunning gardens created by Xa Tollemache for clients all over the country.

With glorious full colour pictures throughout, this is a beautiful and comprehensive guide to all things Helmingham with an engaging, intimate and compelling account of the garden, the family, the history. It is a fantastic book in every way!

Review date: April 2022
Publication date: 12th May 2022