My book review of 'Friends Like These' by Meg Rosoff

by Meg Rosoff
Recommended age: YA
Friends Like These
by Meg Rosoff

Beth has arrived in Manhattan for a journalism internship at a leading magazine. She is eighteen and, though excited at the opportunity and potential, is full of trepidation. She seems naive and innocent in the hothouse that is the city of New York.

Things don't start well. Her accommodation is far from comfortable and her flatmates are intimidating. Then she has to get used to the other interns in the office.

But she seems to find a soulmate in the worldly Edie who quickly shows Beth how to get on in the workplace and to live life to full. Until Beth realises that their friendship isn't all that she thought it was.

This is a fantastic book! You really feel the hot, hot summer of the city, with all the noise and bustle, and the food...the food...!

Edie's workplace advice to Beth is brilliant, and Beth herself I found completely relatable. Both young women were convincing and sympathetic. 

From the very first sentence I was hooked and couldn't put it down, feeling bereft when I came to the end. Loved it!


Review date: May 2022
Publication date: 9th June 2022