My book review of 'Seed' by Caryl Lewis

by Caryl Lewis
Recommended age: 8+
by Caryl Lewis

Marty has quite a tough time. His mum isn't very well, and at school he's being picked on. He does enjoy spending time with his granddad, who is the only one who remembers his birthday. But his present is just one seed in a brown envelope.

Marty and his grandfather plant the seed in the allotment, and with Marty's new friend Gracie they look after the ground and wait for the seed to grow.

The grandfather has big plans for this seed when it's fully grown. He believes it will make dreams come true and take them on an amazing journey across the sea to Paris and home again.

This is such a rich book.

It has a fabulous story and a tremendous adventure. It celebrates friendship and community. It brings hope and the belief that dreams can come true. And it encourages us to plant seeds. 

It also touches on some difficult subjects - bullying, deafness, poverty, broken families, hoarding, mental illness, child caring. Yet all these things are lightly and sensitively handled. 

A wonderful, uplifting, entertaining and inspiring book. Loved it!

Review date: June 2022
Publication date: 3rd May 2022