My book review of 'The baker by the sea' by Paula White

by Paula White
Recommended age: 4+
The baker by the sea
by Paula White

Inspired by real people and places in Suffolk, this is a simple story, beautifully illustrated, about how everyone is important and has something to contribute, no matter how small their role.

A picture book, aimed at young children, the images are sophisticated and mesmerising and the story poignant and powerful.

A boy is intrigued by the activity in the fishing village where he lives. Everyone is busy with the tasks they carry out to keep the seaside community working. There's a baker, a boatbuilder, a blacksmith, and there are the fishermen.

The men who go out in the fishing boats put themselves in peril with each trip, and the responsibility of providing food for their community weighs heavily.

To the young boy, life as a fisherman looks full of adventure and he struggles to understand why his father has chosen to be a baker. 

In what is a nostalgic portrayal of life in a village by the sea in Suffolk, there is a strong message that we all have a part to play and are to be celebrated for the gifts we bring.

The author is an artist, printmaker and illustrator who is inspired by her home in Lowestoft in her work, and this book recalls her grandfather's story as a baker in the beachside village. It's a very lovely book.

Date of this review: October 2022
Book publication date: 26th May 2022