My book review of 'A spoonful of spying' by Sarah Todd Taylor

by Sarah Todd Taylor
Recommended age: 8+
A spoonful of spying
by Sarah Todd Taylor

This is the second in the Alice Eclair Spy Extraordinaire series but stands very well on its own. Of course, once you've met Alice Eclair, you're eager to read more of her adventures!

Alice Eclair is a baker...and a spy!

She's in Paris where all the artists and inventors from around the world are gathered to share their newest ideas and creations. 

But there are some enemy spies who are trying to steal information for their own ends, and the inventors themselves may also be in danger. 

Alice needs to use all her guile, ingenuity and bravado, and her very best baking skills, to keep her friends safe and protect France's best invention from getting into the wrong hands.

This is a fast-paced, action-packed story from the very first page. The characters are engaging and entertaining, and it's a wonderful setting with engineering and aviation sitting alongside fashion shows and patisserie. It's aimed at readers aged 8-12 and I loved it!

Date of this review: February 2023
Book publication date: 12th January 2023