My book review of 'The Beach Holiday' by Isabelle Broom

by Isabelle Broom
The Beach Holiday
by Isabelle Broom

Honor lives in Cambridge with her mother and works in a bookshop. She longs to be a writer like her absent father who lives in New York.

Seeking to enter a competition to write a novel set in two cities in the US and UK, Honor decides to visit her father to get some advice and inspiration. 

She joins him on a holiday to the beach and bumps into Cellan, a British movie star who's struggling with his fame. They become friends but there are plenty of misunderstandings and obstacles to overcome as Honor tries to complete the book she's always wanted to write.

This is an easy, enjoyable, escapist, aspirational read which has an interesting thread about publishing and writing along with a perfect holiday setting of the Hamptons, fame and fortune!


Date of this review: April 2023
Book publication date: 22nd June 2023