My book review of 'This Family' by Kate Sawyer

by Kate Sawyer
This Family
by Kate Sawyer

Mary is getting married in her Suffolk home and she wants everything to be perfect. She's prepared the garden for the summer celebration. Mismatched tables and chairs have been collected from the house and concealed by cloths and cushions. Sunflowers are in buckets, lights and lanterns are hanging from the trees. Mary raised her family here and now they're joining her to mark this new stage in her life.

There's a frisson of excitement and apprehension in the air. This is the first time the family have gathered together for years, and there are wounds to heal and transgressions to forgive.

Mary's three daughters will be joining her with their families and partners. Her ex-mother-in-law will be there too. And though the events take place over just one day, the different characters share their particular stories, revealing the key points in their lives over the past 40 years and sharing what has shaped them into the people they are in this moment in time.

It's intricately told and family life is presented vividly and convincingly in both the minutiae and momentous events. Beautifully done. 

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Date of this review: May 2023
Book publication date: 11th May 2023