My book review of 'The Ship Beneath the Ice' by Mensun Bound

by Mensun Bound
The Ship Beneath the Ice
by Mensun Bound

The escape and survival of Sir Ernest Shackleton and his crew of 28 has entered legend, but the ship in which they had travelled to the frozen continent was thought to be lost forever. 

One hundred years later, though, in March 2022 the Endurance was located, making headlines all over the world. 

Mensun Bound was the leader of two expeditions seeking the Endurance and in this book he charts in detail, but very engagingly, exactly what happened. He presents his account as a diary so it is in short, readable chunks and includes intriguing facts about Shackleton and the ship. There are two sections of photography too.

It's a great book. It's a fascinating account of a phenomenal achievement and is very compellingly written. 

Date of this review: May 2023
Book publication date: 27th October 2022