My book review of 'The Scandalous Life of Ruby Devereaux' by MJ Robotham

by MJ Robotham

Books about writers, even imaginary writers, always pique my interest so I dived into this novel knowing little else about it or its author. And it proved an entertaining and enjoyable read.

Ruby Devereaux's life has been full of parties, relationships and adventures, providing plenty of material for her career of 70 years and 20 books. 

Now in her nineties, Ruby Devereaux has put away her typewriter and is seeking peace and tranquility. But her publisher has presented her with an ultimatum and is demanding one last book 'warts and all'.

What else does Ruby have to say? She's reflected her life in her books - through 1950s New York, the Swinging Sixties, Cold War Berlin, Venice and Vietnam. 

But there may still be some surprises, and Ruby may yet reveal the secrets of her infamous life. This is an engaging and entertaining story, looking at a life in the context of the huge changes of the second half of the 20th century.

Date of this review: November 2023
Book publication date: 11th April 2024