My book review of 'The Hunter' by Tara French

by Tara French
The Hunter
by Tara French

This is an atmospheric and tense thriller set in the west of Ireland. A former Chicago cop has moved here for some peace and quiet but things don't work out as he'd hoped. 

Though Cal has a good relationship with local woman, Lena, and is coming to be a mentor for teenager, Trey, resentments are building, and past grievances are coming to the surface.

Two men have turned up in town with a get-rich-quick venture, searching for gold in the hills.

Cal wants to keep Trey well away from these men, but it's complicated. One of the men is Trey's father, and she wants revenge.

This is the second book by Tana French about Cal Hooper. The first was 'The Searcher' and the very distinctive style and atmosphere took me by surprise. It felt to me like an American Western (not that I've read many of those).

This book gave me more of a flavour of Ireland, but it still has a very quiet, steady pace, full of intrigue and suspense. Loved the characters of Cal, Lena and Trey. 

Date of this review: December 2023
Book publication date: 7th March 2024