My book review of 'Begin Again' by Oliver Jeffers

by Oliver Jeffers
Recommended age: 7+
Begin Again
by Oliver Jeffers

The award-winning author illustrator Oliver Jeffers has produced an extraordinary book in 'Begin Again'.

His distinctive illustrations and concise text take us through a history of humanity and the author's dreams for its future. 

Following figures on their journey from then until now, it is a simple yet insightful narrative, just a sentence on two on each vast illustration, challenging the reader to think about what happens next. How can we make things better? How can we change our story?

As if this is not enough, though, Oliver Jeffers concludes with an essay describing how he came to produce this book. It's fascinating and moving.

This is a book to treasure and return to time and again. It's aimed at readers aged seven upwards but will instigate conversations across the generations.

Date of this review: December 2023
Book publication date: 10th October 2023