My book review of 'A Mouse Called Julian' by Joe Todd-Stanton

by Joe Todd-Stanton
Recommended age: 3+
A Mouse Called Julian
by Joe Todd-Stanton

Julian is a very contented little mouse with a beautiful home which keeps him safe and warm. It's where he can retreat from the world and keep well away from anybody who may want to do him harm.

One day a fox, eager for a morsel of mouse, breaks down the entrance to Julian's burrow, but gets stuck!

With the fox having no way forwards and being unable to move backwards, Julian makes the best of the situation by inviting him to dinner and they discover that they have much to chat about, enjoying each other's company.

Julian decides the situation has to be resolved though and takes action. 

But if Julian frees the fox, what happens then? Will they remain friends? 

This is a beautiful story with wonderfully warm, entertaining illustrations from the marvellous Joe Todd-Stanton. And there's a great message about helping others, living alongside anyone different from us, and making friends.

Date of this review: January 2024
Book publication date: 1st February 2021