My book review of 'The Potting Shed Murder' by Paula Sutton

by Paula Sutton
The Potting Shed Murder
by Paula Sutton

Daphne Brewster has moved to Norfolk from London, realising the city is no longer where she wants to raise her children. 

Settling quickly into her new life, Daphne discovers a passion for gardening and painting vintage furniture. 

Her tranquil idyll is soon ruptured, though, when the local headmaster is found dead at his allotment and Daphne embarks on a quest to probe the lives of her neighbours and discover who committed the crime.

This is a warm and entertaining read - perfect 'cosy crime', where the emphasis is on the mystery rather than the murder. It's wonderfully comforting and enjoyable escapist reading.

It's written by the Instagram sensation that is Paula Sutton @HillHouseVintage and you can read more about her in my article in May's issue of 'Norfolk' magazine here

Date of this review: February 2024
Book publication date: 4th April 2024