My book review of 'Christopher Nibble' by Charlotte Middleton

by Charlotte Middleton
Recommended age: 3+
Christopher Nibble
by Charlotte Middleton

Christopher is a guinea pig who likes nothing better than munching on dandelions - as do his friends and family.

But they all have such an appetite that one day there are no dandelions left and they have to revert to tucking into cabbages - which do not taste as good!

Christopher stumbles across a lone dandelion, though, and resolves to protect it in the hope that not only can he keep it alive, but he might be able to collect seeds from it and grow other dandelions.

In the fun and creative collage illustrations, we follow Christopher's efforts. The book concludes with details of how we might plant from seeds, too, and perhaps even grow our own food. It's a fun, inventive and instructive story!

Date of this review: February 2024
Book publication date: 22nd February 2024