My book review of 'Close to Death' by Anthony Horowitz

by Anthony Horowitz
Close to Death
by Anthony Horowitz

The gated community in Richmond upon Thames seems perfectly quiet, safe and neighbourly, until Giles Kenworthy and his family move in. The noisy children, loud parties, big cars and plans for a swimming pool in the garden threaten to disrupt all the lives of the residents.

When Kenworthy is shot by a crossbow bolt, any one of his neighbours are under suspicion.

The police are baffled so call in Daniel Hawthorne and, by extension, the author Anthony Horowitz to document the case. 

This is another brilliant murder mystery which pushes the boundaries on all we've come to expect in the genre, and in fiction writing. Here again the author stars in his own book, and the solution to the crime is, once again, breathtakingly ingenious. And there are nods to so many aspects of murder mysteries of the past too. Excellent!

Date of this review: March 2024
Book publication date: 11th April 2024