My book review of 'The Wanderdays' by Clare Povey

by Clare Povey
Recommended age: 9+
The Wanderdays
by Clare Povey

This is the first in what promises to be an exciting new series of adventures for readers aged 9-12.

Flo and Joseph are proud of their mum who is considered one of the world's greatest explorers. But when she goes missing, they discover that she was investigating a criminal involved in some dastardly plots. Along with friends Funmi and Isaac, they find a map and go in pursuit.

The Wanderdays' mum was trying to uncover crimes committed by Sir Frederick Titan, who had claimed to be a protector of the natural world.

It's up to the children to do their bit to expose Sir Frederick and find their mum. A watery adventure ensues with villains, bravery, friendship and a passion for protecting the natural world.

It's a perfectly paced adventure with the environmental slant adding a sense of realism and jeopardy. And a lively cover and illustrations too!

Date of this review: March 2024
Book publication date: 6th June 2024