My book review of 'A drop of golden sun' by Kate Saunders

by Kate Saunders
Recommended age: 9+
A drop of golden sun
by Kate Saunders

At first this seemed to me quite a strange idea for the plot of a book, but it works beautifully.

Four children audition for parts in a new film - clearly based on 'The Sound of Music'!

Set in 1973, this story has both a sense of nostalgia and the modern day in a child's experience of filming - and the challenges of family life.

Twelve-year-old Jenny has been cast as one of the lead roles in a feature film. She feels very much out of her depth - she has no real experience of acting but she's going to travel to France (with her mum) to work with three other children and two famous actors for this big film. 

While Jenny worries about being up to the task, she also has to contend with the other personalities on set. The children each have their own issues - dealing with the filming, their ambitions and their friendships, but also in their relationships with their parents. But the actors' lives aren't straightforward either.

The behaviour of one famous actor ultimately threatens the whole shoot. It's up to Jenny and her friends to save the film.

It's a wonderful book! Warm, energetic and joyful. A summery, escapist delight, suitable for readers aged 9-12 years.

Date of this review: April 2024
Book publication date: 7th March 2024