My book review of 'Delta and the Lost City' by Anna Fargher

by Anna Fargher
Recommended age: 9+
Delta and the Lost City
by Anna Fargher

It's 79AD and we are introduced to life in Pompeii through family politics.

Hememata is married to Marcus and expecting their first baby. Her new husband is ambitious and ruthless. He runs a construction business making concrete buildings (which prove to be substandard, with tragic consequences).

Hememata's father Lucius, on his deathbed, leaves his wealth to his daughter and her husband, and frees all his slaves. But when he dies the will goes missing.

The family dogs, Luna and her son Delta, are wary of the evil Marcus and try to thwart his plans but he imprisons his wife and sends the slaves Gaia and her son Neo to be sold on.

The story traces them all with Delta, helped by his eagle friend, Bellona, doing his part in bringing about all their freedoms. And all this as the earth rumbles and grumbles, warning of the terrible tragedy to come for the whole city.

This is a fabulous story which, though aimed at readers aged 9+, is rather grown up, I thought, in its description of the marriage between Hememata and Marcus particularly. The animals are powerful characters are by no means twee or cute. There's a great sense of pace and jeopardy. Loved it!

Date of this review: June 2024
Book publication date: 4th July 2024