My book review of 'Extra Yarn' by Mac Barnett

by Mac Barnett
Recommended age: under 4
Extra Yarn
by Mac Barnett

Annabelle is a little girl living in a remote, snowy, little town. One day she finds a box full of wool of different colours. She starts to knit and soon makes herself a jumper and a coat for her dog, but with plenty of wool to spare, she looks around for other projects.

The wool never seems to diminish and a wicked archduke wants to get his hands on the magic yarn. But Annabelle won't sell.

This quirky and unusual book is illustrated by the new and award-winning talent, Jon Klassen. The images are monochrome except for the pastel shades of the knitted garments created by Annabelle for her friends and family, and the animals, the trees, the cars, the buildings...


Review date: March 2013