My book review of 'Gravenhunger' by Harriet Goodwin

by Harriet Goodwin
Recommended age: 9+
by Harriet Goodwin

Phoenix's mum has died and, as the young boy and his dad come to terms with their loss, they decide to spend the summer in Gravenhunger, the house they have inherited from her. It is a large, old house which is damp, cold, dark and eerie, and little by little they discover that there was a reason it was kept secret from them.

The setting for Gravenhunger was inspired by Sutton Hoo and the atmosphere and the mystery of the mound in the garden of the house, resonate with the reader familiar with this Suffolk setting. It is a gripping story which is quite frightening and upsetting as Phoenix and his cousin learn more about the past, and become endangered themselves.

It is a powerful and sinister story, with a good pace and convincing characterisation. Children of 7 years and above will find it a compelling ghost story.


Date of this review: April 2011