My book review of 'Sky Hawk' by Gill Lewis

Sky Hawk

by Gill Lewis
Recommended age: 8+
Sky Hawk
by Gill Lewis

When a rare bird of prey is seen flying in the countryside near their homes, a group of children put aside their differences in order to protect the creature from all comers.

Eventually though, Callum and his friends are forced to reveal all they know about the bird’s resting place when a conservation team declares its plans to tag the bird and track its imminent migration.

The children are rewarded by being invited to follow the bird’s flight path, and an interest in geography and maths is ignited as they watch, with amazement, the route the hawk takes.

They have already become emotionally attached to the beautiful, powerful and mysterious creature, and when the bird’s tracking device no longer sends back information, they refuse to accept that the bird has been killed.

Using their own ingenuity, the children decide to find out what has happened to the bird and through the internet and building long distance friendships, they find some answers as well as a new campaign to fight.

This is an astonishing book. It’s simply and beautifully written and has such depth in the characterization, the themes explored, and the information presented.

It’s the first book written by former vet Gill Lewis. She has since written books with gorillas, dolphins and bears as their themes, all using her knowledge of the threats to wildlife while presenting a classic children’s adventure story.

This book celebrates friendship, trust, hope, resourcefulness and ingenuity as well as highlighting compassion for animals and others. It is a beautiful book which everyone aged eight years and above should read, and will enjoy!


Review date: February 2016