How it ends
by Saskia Sarginson
Set in Suffolk in the 1950s, this is the tale of a family which is destroyed by a terrible secret. Join in the on air discussion by phone, email or text!
with the author, Saskia Sarginson
Date recommended: 7 May 2019
The Lido
by Libby Page
A gentle but powerful tale of friendship, community and determination.
Date recommended: 2 April 2019
Nine Lessons
by Nicola Upson
Date recommended: 5 March 2019
Dear Mrs Bird
by AJ Pearce
Date recommended: 5 February 2019
The Tattooist of Auschwitz
by Heather Morris
Date recommended: 8 January 2019
Christmas at the Beach Hut
by Veronica Henry
with Georgy Jamieson this week
Date recommended: 4 December 2018
The Librarian
by Salley Vickers
with Georgy Jamieson this week
Date recommended: 6 November 2018
The Burnt Out Town of Miracles
by Roy Jacobsen
Set in Finland in 1939, this is the story of a man who stays put despite the threat of a Russian invasion. All his neighbours have left. It's a story of ordinary people drawn into war, written by an award-winning, bestselling Norwegian novelist.
Date recommended: 2 October 2018
by Belinda Bauer
A terrifying opening with three children left alone in a car as their mother goes to phone for help and never returns. Full of mystery, humour and intrigue. We enjoyed it - did you?
Date recommended: 4 September 2018
The Sealwoman's Gift
by Sally Magnusson
A novel about loss and separation, and the eternal power of storytelling to help us survive. Discussing the book on Tues 4 Sept, at 2.30pm.
with Graham Barnard this month
Date recommended: 31 July 2018