BBC Radio Suffolk book club reviews

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Death in the Dordogne
by Martin Walker
A murder mystery set in rural France, introducing Bruno, chief of police - someone we'd all want to have on our side.
Date selected: 2nd July 2019
by Polly Clark
A bewitching novel introducing a young woman struggling with motherhood, who imagines meeting the young poet WH Auden. Beautifully atmospheric of stifling relationships, misunderstandings, and the wild Scottish coastline. Wonderful.
Date selected: 4th June 2019
How it ends
by Saskia Sarginson
Set in Suffolk in the 1950s, this is the tale of a family which is destroyed by a terrible secret. Join in the on air discussion by phone, email or text!
with the author, Saskia Sarginson
Date selected: 7th May 2019
The Lido
by Libby Page
A gentle but powerful tale of friendship, community and determination.
Date selected: 2nd April 2019
Nine Lessons
by Nicola Upson
Date selected: 5th March 2019
Dear Mrs Bird
by AJ Pearce
Date selected: 5th February 2019
The Tattooist of Auschwitz
by Heather Morris
Date selected: 8th January 2019
Christmas at the Beach Hut
by Veronica Henry
with Georgy Jamieson this week
Date selected: 5th December 2018
The Librarian
by Salley Vickers
with Georgy Jamieson this week
Date selected: 6th November 2018
The Burnt Out Town of Miracles
by Roy Jacobsen
Set in Finland in 1939, this is the story of a man who stays put despite the threat of a Russian invasion. All his neighbours have left. It's a story of ordinary people drawn into war, written by an award-winning, bestselling Norwegian novelist.
Date selected: 2nd October 2018
by Belinda Bauer
A terrifying opening with three children left alone in a car as their mother goes to phone for help and never returns. Full of mystery, humour and intrigue. We enjoyed it - did you?
Date selected: 4th September 2018
The Sealwoman's Gift
by Sally Magnusson
A novel about loss and separation, and the eternal power of storytelling to help us survive. Discussing the book on Tues 4 Sept, at 2.30pm.
with Graham Barnard this month
Date selected: 31st July 2018
The History of Bees
by Maja Lunde
Date selected: 4th July 2018
A Talent for Murder
by Andrew Wilson
Could the author pull off this imagined account of Agatha Christie's disappearance in Harrogate? A very enjoyable read!
Date selected: 5th June 2018
This is Going to Hurt
by Adam Kay
These diaries of a junior doctor have been described as 'hilarious and heartbreaking'. What will we all think?
including the author
Date selected: 5th June 2018
Midwinter Break
by Bernard MacLaverty
A retired couple take a short break in Amsterdam. But the sightseeing is interrupted by troubling memories. With humour and sadness, conflict and moral dilemmas, what will you make of this book?
Date selected: 1st May 2018
Slow Horses
by Mick Herron
What happens when spies don't make the grade? They become Slow Horses, according to Mick Herron and this, his first in a number of books about Jackson Lamb and his team.
Date selected: 3rd April 2018
The Keeper of Lost Things
by Ruth Hogan
Date selected: 6th February 2018
Dangerous Crossing
by Rachel Rhys
A captivating tale of passengers embarking on an ocean liner to Australia in 1939. War will soon be declared, and all have their own disappointments and tragedies they are eager to leave behind. How will they fare?
- including an interview with the author.
Date selected: 2nd January 2018
My Name is Leon
by Kit de Waal
Set in the 1980s, Jake and his nine-year-old brother Leon have been taken from their mother and put in the care of Maureen. How will they fare? Will their family be reunited? Funny, gritty, beautiful and honest say the reviews. What do you think?
Date selected: 5th December 2017