BBC Radio Suffolk book club reviews

Sweet Caress
by William Boyd
A wonderful, all-engrossing story of the life of a female photographer.
Date selected: 8th September 2015
Oliver and Patch
by Claire Freedman
Combining chic and cute in beautiful illustrations with a touching and uplifting story.
Date selected: 19th August 2015
Longbow Girl
by Linda Davies
A thrilling adventure set in Wales with archery, adventure, time travel, romance and a strong female character.
Date selected: 17th August 2015
How the Library (not the prince) Rescued Rapunzel
by Wendy Meddour
A silly modern take on the story of Rapunzel with a more positive message about girls and libraries!
Date selected: 16th July 2015
by Renee Knight
What would you do if the book you were reading was about you? A great idea, brilliantly executed.
Date selected: 30th June 2015
Station Eleven
by Emily St John Mandel
A thought-provoking, gripping and haunting account of the end of civilisation.
Date selected: 27th April 2015
Bears Don't Read
by Emma Chichester Clark
A funny, sweet, stimulating and colourful introduction to the adventure of reading a book
Date selected: 1st April 2015
Etta and Otto and Russell and James
by Emma Hooper
A magical, whimsical, poignant, lyrical tale of memory, love and loss.
Date selected: 10th February 2015
The Winter Horses
by Philip Kerr
A powerful, shocking and moving story of war and survival.
Date selected: 9th February 2015
The Astounding Broccoli Boy
by Frank Cottrell Boyce
Another funny adventure from this brilliant author, inspired by real events!
Date selected: 3rd January 2015
The Snow Day
by Richard Curtis
A beautifully illustrated book celebrating the magic that a snowy day brings.
Date selected: 28th December 2014
William and the Missing Masterpiece
by Helen Hancocks
An amusing, colourful tale about a cat detective searching for the Mona Cheesa in Paris!
Date selected: 12th November 2014
by Alexander McCall Smith
A Norfolk setting for this modern retelling of the Jane Austen classic.
Date selected: 12th November 2014
The Undertaking
by Audrey Magee
Date selected: 27th October 2014
The Signature of All Things
by Elizabeth Gilbert
An amazing book of plants, exploration, science, romance and magic in the nineteenth century, centred around a fascinating and inspiring heroine.
Date selected: 10th August 2014
Zeraffa Giraffa
by Dianne Hofmeyr
With beautiful illustrations by Jane Ray, this is a real life fairy story.
Date selected: 31st July 2014
The Baking Life of Amelie Day
by Vanessa Curtis
A teenage girl loves baking and plans to enter a national competition, but her illness looks set to get in the way.
Date selected: 13th July 2014
Jumping Jack
by Germano Zullo
A funny story about a champion showjumper with quirky, colourful illustrations by Albertine
Date selected: 2nd July 2014
The Ocean at the End of the Lane
by Neil Gaiman
A deceptively simple, light narrative of a man revisiting his childhood home, where all is not as it seems
Date selected: 2nd June 2014
A Man Called Ove
by Fredrik Backman
A wonderful book! Funny, touching and uplifting. Everyone must read it!
Date selected: 10th April 2014