BBC Radio Suffolk book club reviews

Black Water
by Louise Doughty
A man lies in an isolated hut in Bali, listening to the rain on the roof, waiting for his killer, looking back on his life and the events leading to this outcome.
Date selected: 4th July 2017
Mothering Sunday
by Graham Swift
It is Mothering Sunday 1924. A maid is given the day off work. She visits her lover, but events take a catastrophic turn. How will her future unfold?
Date selected: 6th June 2017
The Geneva Trap
by Stella Rimington
It's Geneva, 2012. A Russian intelligence officer approaches MI5 with details of hacking of unmanned drones in an Anglo-American Defence programme. But he will only speak to Liz Carlyle.
Date selected: 4th April 2017
The Trouble with Goats and Sheep
by Joanna Cannon
Date selected: 7th March 2017
Everyone Brave is Forgiven
by Chris Cleave
Set in London and Malta during the Second World War, the novel explores the ways external events influence the private lives of four characters.
Date selected: 7th February 2017
The Last Runaway
by Tracy Chevalier
Date selected: 3rd January 2017
Tidings: A Christmas Journey
by Ruth Padel
A magical poem about Christmas
Date selected: 6th December 2016
The List of My Desires
by Gregoire Delacourt
Date selected: 1st November 2016
Sidney Chambers and the Shadow of Death
by James Runcie
Date selected: 7th September 2016
Whispering Shadows
by Jan-Philipp Sendker
Date selected: 6th September 2016
A Year of Marvellous Ways
by Sarah Winman
A magical story about life, love, grief, death, the sea and storytelling.
Date selected: 9th August 2016
The Last Pilot
by Benjamin Johncock
A fascinating look at life at the start of the space race for a pilot, husband and father. Intriguing, clever and mesmerising.
Date selected: 25th July 2016
Our souls at night
by Kent Haruf
Date selected: 27th June 2016
The Children Act
by Ian McEwan
A novella providing a snapshot of the life of a judge facing challenges personally and professionally.
Date selected: 5th April 2016
My Life in Houses
by Margaret Forster
A wonderful account of the meaning of the houses, and homes, to this much-loved author.
Date selected: 4th April 2016
Mango and Bambang the Not-a-Pig
by Polly Faber
A funny and charming collection of linked stories, beautifully illustrated by Clara Vuillaumy.
Date selected: 24th December 2015
by Rob Biddulph
Fun illustrations, rhyming text and a grrrrreat story!
Date selected: 10th November 2015
A Snow Garden
by Rachel Joyce
A magical, moving and uplifting collections of stories, as you would expect from the creator of Harold Fry.
Date selected: 10th November 2015
The Circle
by Dave Eggers
Date selected: 28th September 2015