I have given each of my recommendations for children an age suggestion. These are of course approximate. Please also have a look at younger or older categories.

by Lauren Ace illustrated by Jenny Lovlie
A beautifully illustrated story of a group of boys growing up together.
Review date: 22.03.21
Age recommendation: 4+
by Jennifer Adams
Lovers of Charlotte Bronte's classic novel will not fail to be delighted by this clever, quirky board book, teaching children numbers 1 to 10.
Review date: 25.01.13
Age recommendation: 18 months upwards
by Jon Agee
Trees stay outside all day long, so a little girl encourages her dad to join her in pretending to be trees!
Review date: 04.05.23
Age recommendation: 3+
by Jon Agee
A silly and affectionate story about inventiveness, imagination and family togetherness. Lovely!
Review date: 20.10.22
Age recommendation: 3+
by Ingela P. Arrhenius
A quirky, amusing and instructive addition to the Felt Flaps series for very young children.
Review date: 08.08.22
Age recommendation: 1+
by Andrea Ballance Illustrated by Grasya Oliyko
This is a strange and wonderful picture book for young readers all about cats and the universe!
Review date: 09.09.21
Age recommendation: 3+
by Mac Barnett
A little girl loves knitting and with her endless supply of wool, she can supply the whole neighbourhood with colourful garments.
Review date: 25.03.13
Age recommendation: under 4
by Mario Bellini Marianna Coppo
A delightful picture book about art and walking, nature and animals, friendship and looking a little more deeply.
Review date: 20.10.22
Age recommendation: 3+
by Emma Bettridge illustrated by Josephine Birch
The most beautiful illustrations and a charming and touching story about coping with grief and loss through two friends, the dogs called Merlin and Hobbs.
Review date: 11.10.22
Age recommendation: 3+
by Rob Biddulph
Fun illustrations, rhyming text and a grrrrreat story!
Review date: 10.11.15
Age recommendation: 3+
by Rachel Bright illustrated by Nadia Shireen
This is a funny, rhyming story about a snail, Gail the Snail in fact, who has always wanted to go to space and how she manages to achieve it. 
Review date: 18.02.24
Age recommendation: 3+
by Rachel Bright illustrated by Jim Field
Kevin the koala doesn't like change, but his friends want to show him how much fun he could have by trying something new.
Review date: 06.07.23
Age recommendation: 3+
by Dan Brown
Review date: 14.12.20
Age recommendation: 3+
by John Burningham and Helen Oxenbury
A very moving story of new horizons and saying goodbye, with beautiful illustrations.
Review date: 07.08.21
Age recommendation: 3+
by Jason Chapman
A dog and a cat, fed up with life in their block of flats, decide to follow a neighbour to Europe to hear her play in a music competition. Along the way they meet other animals who can play musical instruments and together they form an orchestra to appear at the competition themselves.
Review date: 24.01.11
Age recommendation: 3+
by Emma Chichester Clark
What appears a fun and quirky tale about a strange creature on the doorstep has much to say about kindness, friendship and hospitality.
Review date: 21.03.22
Age recommendation: 3+
by Emma Chichester Clark
A funny, sweet, stimulating and colourful introduction to the adventure of reading a book
Review date: 01.04.15
Age recommendation: 3+
by Alastair Chisholm David Roberts
Quite silly and rather funny while also presenting a serious message about competition and contentment.
Review date: 30.11.20
Age recommendation: 3+
by Simona Ciraolo
A beautiful and funny picture book for young children, with a positive encouraging message.
Review date: 24.08.20
Age recommendation: 3+
by Joseph Coelho
Celebrating the joy of dance, culture and family in the latest story about Luna.
Review date: 11.07.22
Age recommendation: 3+