My book review of 'The Boys' by Lauren Ace and illustrated by Jenny Lovlie

by Lauren Ace and illustrated by Jenny Lovlie
Recommended age: 4+
The Boys
by Lauren Ace and illustrated by Jenny Lovlie

Beautiful illustrations and a story of a friendship which spans the years, this is the companion to 'The Girls' from the same team.

Rey, Nattie, Bobby and Tam have been friends for as long as they can remember. They've been together through good times and bad, through big life experiences, through easy days of time together in the sun.

This is a surprising book which takes a look at growing up in a friendship group and recognising, developing and appreciating individuality. There are glorious illustrations and an inclusive message and it shows the boys from playing together on the beach as toddlers, through rivalries and different interests at school, to an early working life and adult relationships. It shows how friends can move closer and further apart, and the bonds that endure.

It's a beautiful book and a story to appreciate at different levels, for four-year-olds to enjoy and discuss with an older person.

Review date: March 2021
Publication date: 1st April 2021