My book review of 'Air Miles' by John Burningham and and Helen Oxenbury

by John Burningham and and Helen Oxenbury
Recommended age: 3+
Air Miles
by John Burningham and and Helen Oxenbury

This is an incredibly touching tale of Miles, a dog who's old, tired and slow. He's had a good life, full of adventure. Now his family wants something new and exciting for him. They turn to their inventive neighbour, and Miles takes to the skies! 

The story was conceived by the award-winning author-illustrator John Burningham, following on from his story 'Motor Miles' which first introduced us to the difficult but much-loved dog, Miles.

Sadly John fell ill before he could finish this story. He had completed a few pictures and sketched out an outline of Miles's adventure, so he asked his wife, Helen Oxenbury, and their family friend, Bill Salaman, to take on the project.

The book is beautiful and charming, but also very sad. It's about new horizons, and saying goodbye. It introduces the reader to adventure and infinite possibility, while also exploring loss, grief and love. 

The illustrations are wonderful and there is a short message at the front of the book explaining its conception as well as endpapers full of John's sketches. It's aimed at young children, but will delight and affect all its readers.

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Review date: August 2021
Publication date: 17th June 2021