My book review of 'Grandmothers' by Salley Vickers

by Salley Vickers
by Salley Vickers

Blanche, Minna and Nan each live alone, their lives lit up by their relationships with their grandchildren and young people.

Their stories are told as self-contained chapters revealing their respective struggles.

Blanche struggles to see her grandchildren and dampens the pain and loneliness with drink and shoplifting. Minna has no blood ties to Rose so fears losing her forever when the little girl's family plan a move to Scotland. Nan is making preparations for her funeral and is saddened by her son's lack of care for her grandchild Billy.

Gradually the lives of the three women become intertwined and their respective struggles come to a head.

It's a beautiful, gentle read. I was engaged with the characters and eager to read on, losing myself in their respective stories. There were a few 'issues' thrown in but there wasn't any deep or troubling content. It had the tone of Joanna Cannon's 'Three Things About Elsie' or Libby Page's 'The Lido'. An enjoyable, escapist read that I'd feel happy to revisit. And another beautiful cover, too!


Review date: September 2019