My book review of 'Just One of Those Days' by Jill Murphy

Just One of Those Days

by Jill Murphy
Recommended age: 3+
Just One of Those Days
by Jill Murphy

The much-loved author of the children's classic 'Peace at Last', has released another beautiful story, this time describing how the bear family cope with a difficult day. The cosy, nostalgic pictures are supported by a fun, rhythmic story which has a message we can all enjoy.

Mr and Mrs Bear have woken up late, and it's raining outside. They rush to get Baby Bear to nursery, and then set off to work. But here, Mrs Bear sits on her glasses and Mr Bear spills his coffee over his papers.
How was your day? Mrs Bear asks her husband when they return home. "Not brilliant," said Mr Bear. "I think it was just one of those days."

Baby Bear didn't enjoy nursery either, but Mr Bear has a surprise for him, and together the family settle down to pizza for supper and, after a bedtime story, decide to have an early night.

Never mind, said Mrs Bear. We can have a better day tomorrow.

This picture book is aimed at children aged three upwards, but it's a reassuring message for all of us!

Review date: December 2020
Publication date: 3rd September 2020