My book review of 'The Bookshop Cat' by Cindy Wume

by Cindy Wume
Recommended age: 3+
The Bookshop Cat
by Cindy Wume

There's so much to enjoy in this lovely new picture book for the under fives. Cats, books, a children's bookshop, a love of reading and some innovative and uplifting means of coping with adversity, plus colourful and lively illustrations.

The black cat didn't know what to do with his time and none of the suggestions from his friends and family felt quite right. He didn't want to cook, or play an instrument, he just wanted to read.

One day he saw that there was a bookshop open in town. He realised this would be the perfect occupation for him. He could surround himself in books and spend time with the children who visited, sharing his recommendations with them and reading the new titles together.

Everything was going really well until a terrible catastrophe struck. The bookshop was flooded and could no longer open. The children couldn't get their books. What was to be done?

This is a warm, energising and uplifting story with colourful, busy and detailed illustrations to entertain with every page. Wonderful!

Review date: November 2021
Publication date: 27th May 2021