My book review of 'The Way of the Hermit' by Ken Smith and Will Millard

by Ken Smith and Will Millard
The Way of the Hermit
by Ken Smith and Will Millard

This is the story of an ordinary man who was dealt some tough blows in life and decided to step away from a world which seemed to want to harm him. He took time out in the Canadian wilderness but wanted to be nearer home, so worked out how he could replicate the lifestyle in Britain.

Told to Will Millard this is an amazing and moving account of a man living alone, 'off grid'.

Apparently Ken's story has been told as a tv documentary. I was near the end of this book before I realised - but I haven't yet seen it and am currently wanting to retain the images created from reading the book rather than watching the film.

Ken is an impressive character and he shares something of what he's learned about living away from society, urging us all to think about how we might step away for a moment, a day, a month or a lifetime like him. 

He's not strict about it - it's not about keeping to rules - he's happy to take help and kindnesses, particularly as he's now elderly and with health issues. He's not making a point, he's living the best life for him. And it's incredibly inspiring. 

This is a book I want to return to and I urge you to read it for the escape it offers, for the change of pace, for the different perspective and for how we meet this extraordinary man.

Review date: June 2023
Publication date: 29th June 2023