My book review of 'Kill For Me, Kill For You' by Steve Cavanagh

by Steve Cavanagh
Kill For Me, Kill For You
by Steve Cavanagh

I hadn't heard of this author until I attended an online publishers meeting where he introduced this his latest book, his tenth, I think. He was so articulate and engaging that I was intrigued and leapt on this book as soon as I received it. And it didn't disappoint. Though I felt that it was a concept I'd read before, it turned out to be full of surprises, extraordinary twists and turns. Brilliant!

Of course as this is a thriller, there's no point me telling you too much about it because you need to discover it fresh for yourself. I'll say that the writing is gripping, the characters compelling and the plot twists amazing. You think you've worked out what's going on, but you haven't!

The story tells of two women who have both experienced tragic, traumatic events. They meet at a group counselling session and, sharing a drink in a bar afterwards, confide more about their own situations, recognising a bond in their distress. They both desire revenge.

Quickly they establish they could seek retribution for the wrongs done to their families. 'If you kill for me, I'll kill for you.'

This is where I would normally step away. Not believable. Not something I'd want to read about. But I did. This is so cleverly written. If you like thrillers, you must read this!

Date of this review: June 2023
Book publication date: 3rd August 2023