My book review of 'Good Material' by Dolly Alderton

by Dolly Alderton
Good Material
by Dolly Alderton

Looking for a light, humorous read, this sounded promising. The narrator is Andy, a stand-up comedian hoping for his big break. Surely there will be some laughs there?!

But Andy has just split up from Jen whom he thinks is the love of his life. He doesn't know what went wrong and is convinced that if he can find out, perhaps he can put things right.

Life just isn't going the way Andy planned. He's without a home, a girlfriend and all his friends seem to have become grown-ups, leaving him floundering far behind.

The novel sees life from Andy's perspective as he deals with his relationship breakdown and his career never quite taking off. And then, in the final few pages, we are encouraged to see things slightly differently.

It's an entertaining, easy read with humour and some poignancy, too. I'm not entirely convinced that we're seeing things from a male perspective, and I would have liked more insight of life as a hopeful comedian, but I enjoyed it.

Date of this review: October 2023
Book publication date: 9th November 2023