The Soup Movement
by Ben Davis
Review date: 05.07.20
Age recommendation: 9+
A Sky Painted Gold
by Laura Wood
A charming, magical, escapist summer read, particularly for anyone who loves the 1920s and the Cornish coast!
Review date: 22.06.20
Age recommendation: Teen
by Wilbur Smith
A fabulous African adventure for older children from the master storyteller, Wilbur Smith, with Chris Wakling.
Review date: 28.05.20
Age recommendation: 11+
The Star Outside My Window
by Onjali Q. Rauf
A beautifully told story of believing in a star, but with the backdrop of domestic abuse, grief and foster care.
Review date: 16.05.20
Age recommendation: 9+
Becoming Dinah
by Kit de Waal
A coming-of-age road trip novel about identity, loss, friendship, fractured relationships, which is also described as a feminist take on 'Moby Dick'! I thought it wonderful.
Review date: 29.04.20
Age recommendation: Teen
Gaspard the Fox
by Zeb Soanes
A beautiful story of the relationship between humans and animals in London streets, illustrated by James Mayhew.
Review date: 15.04.20
Age recommendation: 3+
The Guggenheim Mystery
by Robin Stevens
Three children investigate an art theft and explore the streets of New York trying to find the answers. Funny, clever and great scene-setting, this is a fabulous follow-up to The London Eye Mystery by Siobhan Dowd.
Review date: 09.04.20
Age recommendation: 8+
The Great Godden
by Meg Rosoff
The story of one family, one summer, in a holiday home by the coast. A wonderful escapist coming-of-age read. Published 9 July 2020.
Review date: 09.04.20
Age recommendation: teen
The Umbrella Mouse to the Rescue
by Anna Fargher
Based on the true stories of heroic animals in the second world war, this is the sequel to The Umbrella Mouse. Beautiful illustrations and a powerful story for readers aged 8+. Published 23 July 2020.
Review date: 09.04.20
Age recommendation: 8+
Potkin and Stubbs - The Haunting of Peligan City
by Sophie Green
A return to Peligan City to meet our crusading investigators Lil Potkin and Nedly Stubbs, and it's darker and funnier than the first book!
Review date: 07.11.19
Age recommendation: 9+