For many of us the past 18 months have been difficult to measure without the usual landmarks of holidays and celebrations. For others it has been a unique opportunity to take stock and to create something rather special.

Earlier this year, the illustrator and printmaker Angela Harding was invited to compile a record of her extensive portfolio of work and this month a beautiful new book will be published for us all to share in her meticulous, stylised appreciation of the natural world.

You will have seen her work in magazines such as 'Country Living', the covers of bestsellers such as 'The Salt Path' and the children's book 'October, October' and recently on advent calendars, jigsaws, greetings cards and even tea cosies!

Many of these designs are included in the book as well as some new pictures too. They have all taken many hours to complete, studiously carved in lino with colours applied through silkscreen.

Although I had originally invited Angela to visit us in Woodbridge to talk about her work, and how this book came about, the ongoing covid situation made an event seem increasingly unwise.

I realise this will come as something of a disappointment but I think we have a rather wonderful outcome as an alternative.

Angela has invited us to meet her in her studio through Zoom. She will be able to show us the printing presses she uses and her hand tools. There will be examples of work in progress and even the view from her window over the fields beyond.

Angela loves the opportunity to visit Suffolk, having a boat on the Deben and coming here each summer to sail the rivers, but she is also keen to share with us the inspiration she gains from the countryside on her travels in Scotland and the south-west as well as her home in Rutland.

This will be a fascinating, inspiring and entertaining event for a Sunday afternoon, on 28 November.