Whenever I do a piece on radio, I usually come away thinking I could have said things differently. Did I gabble? Did I stutter and umm and err? Unfortunately I don't like listening back so I am unable to objectively analyse my 'performance' or make any necessary reparations for the next time.

This morning, though I had a lovely encouragement.

I was asked to participate in the James Hazell programme on BBC Radio Suffolk, commenting on a new report into reading. I didn't have time to get nervous, just prepared a few thoughts and listened to the callers before me.

After doing my piece, the producer came on the line and almost squealed with delight - 'wow! that was amazing. I was held spellbound. If I wasn't a reader, I would be after listening to you. So descriptive. If you're not a writer, you should be!'

How lovely that she should have that reaction, but even nicer that she should be generous enough to tell me. What a great start to the day!

You can listen to the piece here: