Have you decided which of this season's blockbuster films you're going to see? I mentioned last week that we're spoilt for choice at the moment - Oppenheimer, Asteroid City, Mission Impossible...Barbie?

But our local independent cinema is also squeezing in some other intriguing films which aren't registering in the media frenzy and, usually having only one showing, I'm trying my best to ring fence the dates in my diary.

A week tomorrow, on Monday 7 August, for example, there is 'Hello, Bookstore'. This is described as an 'amiable and rather free-form tour of daily life in the store during and after the pandemic.'

Filmed in 2022, it is a fly-on-the-wall documentary tracing life in a Massachusetts bookshop - which also sells wine.

It has been a challenging time for bookshops everywhere, so it will be interesting to see how this bookshop owner served his community when he could no longer open his doors, and what happened next. Perhaps I'll see you there?

But tomorrow night, I hope you'll forgo the cinema, or the television, and join me for our book group discussion!

We'll be talking about 'Time Shelter' by Georgi Gospodinov and may also be speculating about the titles which will be included in the Booker Prize Longlist which is announced on 1 August. 

Please let me know if you're planning to come along so that I can make the necessary arrangements for chairs and catering. 

Thank you for reading.