We've found more to talk about this week with the release of a timetable for the  easing of lockdown, and the spring sunshine lifting our spirits.

Despite the positive spin, though, we still have a few weeks before we can be out and about as we might like - or visit the bookshop.

It's lovely to have a phone call with a friend, or chance upon a neighbour across the garden fence, but the conversation is usually rather limited (though let's not knock it - if our week has been uneventful, that's something for which we should be grateful!).

As life is lacking significant moments at present, I've found it's been a great time to share memories with friends and family. In 'normal' times, things were often so frantically busy that, no sooner had we enjoyed one holiday, party or cultural visit than we were on to the next one. Perhaps now we have an opportunity to relive those experiences and be reminded of things that have slipped our minds with the passage of time.

Certainly my memory has been rather unreliable in recent months. Whether it's due to age or the times we're living in, I find that I have better recollection of a conversation or event from years ago than I do from something that happened yesterday!

I was interested, then, to read about Dame Judi Dench recently. I've always loved the fact that she used to stitch embroidery while she was waiting to go on stage but now I've read that she memorises a poem or learns a new word each day to keep her mind active. What a lovely challenge - shall we give it a go?!

Thank you for reading.