Over the past few years, more than ever, we've turned to books for escape and distraction and they've served us well! But I think we all still missed the opportunity to meet together to talk about our discoveries and opinions, or to have a book handed to us in a recommendation. So it's wonderful to find that attending a book group and browsing a bookshop are both natural and easy pursuits once again. 

And I'm pleased to be able to announce the return of another of our regular activities to stimulate our reading habits - the author event!

In a few weeks' time we will be hosting a book launch for the fabulous new, local, talent, novelist Kate Sawyer. This event is particularly special because Kate's first book was released during lockdown so, despite getting lots of much-deserved attention and acclaim, she wasn't able to have the usual rite of passage by introducing it to readers in person. We hope to put that right for this her second novel, called 'This Family', in an evening celebration at Woodbridge Library on 11 May. Please scroll down for more details or read more about Kate here.

Though Kate's first story 'The Stranding' was about a global disaster, set on the other side of the world, beside the carcass of a whale (if you haven't read it, do give it a try, I think it's amazing!), this book is set nearer to home in the Suffolk countryside and explores the events and relationships that shape us all in life, told through the prism of preparations for a family wedding. 

We'll have more details in the coming weeks but I hope you'll put the date in your diary and look forward to seeing you there!