This week has seen the annual World Book Day promotion where children are encouraged to read through taking part in a number of activities and events, including a dressing up day at school.

Parents no doubt rue the initiative as the pressure is on them to create an authentic and inventive book-related costume for their child, but there's always something that catches the eye of the media. This year it was particularly topical

I never experienced World Book Day at school and am not generally one for fancy dress, but I wonder what it would be like to spend a day in the shoes of my favourite fictional character.

This week, then, I've included a novel in addition to my recommended non-fiction and children's books.

'Lessons in Chemistry' was the highlight of my reading last year and has just been released in paperback. Funny and quirky, dipping into the worlds of tv, cooking, science and rowing, there's much to delight and entertain, but it's also about a strong, determined, inspirational and resourceful woman. Hers would be good shoes to fill. And the choice of costume wouldn't be too difficult either.

Thank you for reading.