I always thought I was a bit unusual in recording how many books I read each year, but it seems I am not alone in setting myself a reading challenge. 

This year I have seen Twitter feeds, a posting from the GoodRead website and an initiative launched by Penguin all urging people to share their goals, and to raise the stakes. I've found it quite astonishing how many people are aiming to read more than 100 books!

I wonder where all this has come from - have I been oblivious to all this activity before? Do I feel competitive or encouraged by being part of a 'community'? Would I rather be alone with my challenge?

It's rather like loving a book - you want everyone to read it because it's so good but at the same time you don't want anyone to read it because you want it to be your own personal discovery, your own special find.

I've signed up to the Penguin Inspiration or penguinspo (!). I read just 62 books last year (my lowest tally for quite a while), and I've stated my aim for 2015 as 100. Apparently Penguin will email me each month with recommended books to help me reach that goal. I'll let you know how I get on!