We're well aware of how film and tv feed off contemporary and classic literature ('Mothering Sunday' by Graham Swift was recently released at the cinema) but this week the book hit the catwalk.

Kim Jones, creative director of Dior menswear is a collector of rare books and literary memorabilia and he has drawn on Jack Kerouac's Beat novel 'On the Road' for his first show in London since 2003.

Intending to show how the anti-establishment spirit of Kerouac is connecting with young people today, there is likely to be a revival of interest around next year’s centenary of Kerouac’s birth.

However, unusually for our recommendations evening, there were few 'classics' mentioned in the titles this year. All the fiction and non-fiction nominations were recently published, though of course they still proved intriguing and appealing. You can see the list here.

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