I don't know about you, but I heard this phrase spoken quite a bit in the past few days and weeks as we consoled each other that Christmas was going to be so very different this year.

Of course we were unable to celebrate together as we have come to expect but I hope that your Christmas was special nevertheless and that you were able to mark the day peacefully, warmly and safely, cherishing memories and cultivating hopes for the future.

Next time I write, we'll have embarked upon 2021...!

We'll all be longing for much better times but, if we've learned anything this year, it's to make the most of every day. So, while we are uncertain of what the future has in store, there's something to be said for taking things a day at a time. And rather like the Bear family (see my review for 'Just One of Those Days'), there'll be good days and bad days, so let's keep hopeful!

Never forgetting, of course, that we have books which invite us to step into other lives, times and places, enriching and equipping us, getting us through.

Happy new year, and thank you for reading.