It's difficult to process the news these days. As well as the underlying fear, confusion and uncertainty of the global pandemic, the horrific death of George Floyd has brought an outpouring of grief, anger and disgust.

What has happened to our world, to our society?

If you need, like me, to have hope for a better future, then please do read a new book by the Dutch writer Rutger Bregman. It's called 'Humankind' and I found it a very upbeat and engaging read. It was stimulating, challenging and hugely uplifting and optimistic.

The author stresses that the argument we've been fed for generations, that humans are motivated by an accumulation of money, property and status, isn't correct. He gives one example after another about how it is, instead, in our nature to show and receive kindness, collaborate and build community, listen and understand each other, and appreciate differences and celebrate likenesses.

It is a powerful message, not least because he shows how a better society may be attainable, even giving ten points of action in his concluding chapter.

And, if I may, I'll leave you with one of the points he raises regarding how we feed our minds and hearts. Turn off the news, he says. Think as carefully about the information you feed your mind as you do about the food you feed your body. Turn away from the television and social media, and find a source of more nuanced and in-depth writing.