It's been another busy week - and I have only just started on my Christmas preparations, so I'm feeling very much on the back foot! 

After meeting Lee Child last week and hearing what he had to say about the contribution libraries made to him as a child, this week I explored two very different approaches to libraries today.

Suffolk Libraries is continuing to innovate and expand its role as a community hub - I spoke to their recently appointed 'environmentalist in residence' who is leading workshops in upcycling and mending.

A few days earlier, in researching another article, I travelled to Nottingham to visit a subscription-based, member-only library called Bromley House founded in the 18th century and still going strong. 

There are a considerable number and variety of independent libraries throughout the country and many are thriving, offering very specific book collections, local history resources, programmes of educational classes and courses, while also lending the latest book releases and providing a comfortable, attractive and stimulating environment for their members to enjoy.

As information is increasingly available through digital means, it's interesting to see how many of us still relish poring over yellowing pages, reverently stroking leather covers, and enjoying a connection with readers and writers from centuries before. While the digitisation of information is vital and and an incredible resource, there's something very special in reading, handling and being in the presence of original books and documents, and being among likeminded individuals, a community of booklovers.

Thank you for reading.