I hope you've had a happy Christmas!

It's seemed rather strange, hasn't it? We've not been able to invest wholeheartedly in the usual plans to meet friends and family, nor have we been able to celebrate fully with all the illness around. But also the fact that Christmas Day fell on a Saturday this year made the lead up rather odd, a little disorientating? But of course I am never really clear what day it is in these current times.

Anyway, I hope you were able to spend time with family and enjoyed good food and conversation. Perhaps, too, you were the recipient of some carefully chosen reading material?!

I am rarely given books these days, but I can always rely on one friend who is brave enough to find a title that I would never have picked out myself. This year I was given a novel by Mary Wesley. I can't remember the last time I read one of her books, and I've only dipped into the first page so far, but it's made me feel very nostalgic and I'm looking forward to making the leap in the next few days. Apparently the book, or rather the author, was carefully selected to remind me that it's 'never too late'. Mary Wesley was famously aged 70 when her first book was published!

Like many people, I am prone to procrastination but the past couple of years have proved a salutory reminder that we should value the present, making the most of every moment because we don't know what's in store. Whether it's fulfilling a long-held ambition, meeting up with a distant friend, or going out for a special meal with family, it's important to do these things while we can rather than assume there will be more time, better weather or greater choice tomorrow, next week or next year.

I hope you are able to enjoy this festive period. There are no reading recommendations listed below because I trust that you received books among your Christmas gifts, but next week we'll be looking ahead to a new year of reading and possibly anticipating an author visit too!

Thank you for reading. Happy Christmas!