Last week the Publishers' Association revealed figures about UK book sales that showed a continuing encouraging trend, with a 5 per cent rise on the previous year. And non-fiction led the way in the consumer sector, generating £1.1bn, with fiction achieving £733m.

I think we've all noted how much we've been enjoying non-fiction titles in recent years. The quality of the writing, the production levels of the books and the range of subject matters have often left us better informed, hopeful and inspired to find out more about a particular topic. I hope that my non-fiction recommendations each week have helped you discover some pleasant surprises.

This weekend I attended the Aldeburgh Literary Festival and I came away feeling energised and delighted by the quality of the presentations by the authors, and fascinated by the information they shared - about subjects I knew nothing about beforehand. It means I've got additions to my reading piles, of course, but it's so exciting to have new worlds opened up. If you weren't able to attend, tickets to all the weekend's sessions are now available online here.

But do think about making the most of the events which are coming up in the next few weeks. It's lovely to have a full programme of festivals again.

There is a special Jubilee Celebration Week of talks and performances coming up in Southwold and I will be at the Arts Centre speaking to Stewart Ross about his new book 'Queen Elizabeth II for Dummies' on the evening of Wednesday 1 June. Later in the month, the Felixstowe Book Festival this year spans two sites with its range of author talks. There'll be more details about these festivals in the coming weeks, but look up the programmes and book ahead to avoid missing out!

Thank you for reading.