The weather has been changeable, unpredictable and largely disappointing in Britain this summer but we can be grateful not to have experienced the extreme conditions of wild fires and flash floods taking place in so many countries throughout the world.

After the years of debating, denying and procrastinating, the reality of climate change is confronting us each day. It becomes rather overwhelming.

I've been pleased, then, to discover, 'Positive News' magazine looking at 'what went right this week' with reports of encouraging environmental developments and points to action in what we as individuals can do to make a difference.

And my reading this week also gave a positive and optimistic approach to the climate crisis.

'The Future We Choose' states that "as we tune in to the raw emotion, many of us will undergo a dark, unsettling period of despair, but we cannot allow it to erode our capacity to courageously mobilise for transformation".

Instead of presenting an apocalyptic view of what might be in store, the authors take one chapter to describe a future as it might be if we take certain remedial actions now. Another section looks at how changing our mindsets can bring positive political actions, and build communities rather than preserve individual goals and ambitions. I read the book quickly, so am eager to return to process the details and to set my own action plan.

On other matters... I will be at FolkEast at Glemham Halll on Saturday 21 August, interviewing the writer Wendy Holden who worked with the inspirational Captain Tom on his autobiography last year. We will be speaking at 2pm and you can find out more about the festival here.

And thank you to everyone who has responded to the opportunity for the Booker 2021 Book Group. I plan to arrange a date for this discussion after the shortlist is announced on 14 September so will confirm the details in the next few days. If you haven't yet responded, but would like to be involved, please reply to this email. This meeting will be in person, all being well, as I am in the last throes of confirming a venue.