Tomorrow we take the first step towards the end of restrictions, we hope, as the children go back to school.

I'm sure there is some trepidation or at least mixed feelings among the young people, so I was encouraged to hear how, once again, the teachers were throughtfully and creatively seeking to reassure their pupils.

In Bexleyheath, London, the PTA purchased 380 teddy bears, one for each child, and sat them in the hall as if they were attending assembly. The headteacher recorded a message instructing the bears to prepare for the children's return and sent it to all the parents. You can take a look here.

And in Telford, the pupils were each sent the piece of a jigsaw puzzle to decorate. When they return to school, they will be invited to link the pieces in the understanding that 'we're all in this together'.

These are lovely ideas. And I think we may all find aspects of community difficult when we are finally able to meet again fully both in socialising and working together.

Thank you to everyone who got in touch about this month's read on BBC Radio Suffolk. It was great to receive so many comments about Jojo Moyes' novel 'The Giver of Stars'. This story about the Kentucky horseback librarians certainly seems to have captured our imagination. I hope you'll consider taking a look at next month's book 'The Authenticity Project'. It's an interesting idea, and a real page-turner, so scroll down for more details about getting involved.