There are just a few more hours to go before we find out if the England men's football team triumph in their first final for 55 years.

Whatever the result, let's hope both the players and the supporters do themselves credit. It's certainly been refreshing to follow a manager displaying the qualities of humility, dignity and clarity in his vision and leadership of the team.

And in the tennis today, too, both finalists spoke so beautifully, eloquently and graciously after their match - very inspiring.

It doesn't feel much like football weather today, as here we've been treated to some warmth and bursts of sunshine.

I'm relishing the opportunity to get some jobs done in the garden, and have been particularly motivated in recent days through speaking to garden designers and owners who have shared with me something of their experience, creativity... and patience.

Gardening isn't about instant results, I've been reminded. It's a lesson in waiting and watching and getting to know the plants and the land, the light and the shade. It's an opportunity to enjoy the moment and dream of what might be ahead.

Thank you for reading.